Modelling Application

If you are interested in modelling for our group please get in touch. We have lots of models on a rota, but new models are occasionally required. All ages, body types and experience levels are welcome.

Here's how...


To be considered as a model for our group please send a recent photo to 
Please include your age, location and experience.



On average, our group consists of a dozen or so artists who range in age from young students up to the retired. They are a friendly group and serious in their work, a few of whom are professional artists or art tutors. Many have been attending our group for several years or more and have sketched a whole variety of male and female adults of all shapes and ages.

Our models choose three poses: 1 x 20min, 1 x 30min and 1 x 50min. Generally the shortest pose is stood or seated, the middle pose is seated on a stool or sat upright on a cushioned plinth and the longer pose is reclined on cushions (but models are welcome to stretch within their strengths and mix it up a bit).

Helpful advice is given to inexperienced models at the sessions and we assist with the choice of poses if necessary. 

You are welcome to bring a chaperone. 



Models are required to bring a robe which they must wear between poses and sit on during poses.

We will settle you into your pose while you wear your robe and once you are comfortable it is removed.

Rates of pay

We have two levels of pay:

  • £15ph for new models requiring instruction and assistance with choosing a pose.

  • £20ph for models that require no guidance with their poses.

Training sessions / Auditions


We can offer a training session at a location of your choice for £35. At the session you will receive a mini training booklet covering all aspects of life modelling etiquette for men and women. You may also ask as many questions as you like and have a sitting where you will be guided through the etiquette of life modelling. This allows you to gain experience in life modelling, boosting your confidence as well as picking up lots of tips along the way. Chaperones are welcome. Training sessions typically last at least two hours but please allow additional time if you have lots of questions. To book a Training Session click here.


We respect our models by paying them well and ensuring that they are warm enough and as comfortable as a pose will allow. As such we receive a large number of model applications and it's not always possible to respond to every applicant individually. Just as with any job application, filling out a form does not automatically entitle an applicant to paid work. We have to find the balance of keeping our artists happy with lots of new models whilst also giving our established models frequent bookings. 

We do not forward our models' details on to other life classes but we are happy to provide references for our models if they wish to source additional work.